Nappy rash due to Candida infection - Stock Image M220/0036 - enlarged ...We were talking about how clean the gym is, we have been going to the same one for ten years and my husband and I were just talking about how we haven’t gotten ring worm or anything else from the gym. We hear that a lot of gyms in our area spread germs but we have yet to find that happens where we are. This was true until my husband got a candida infection from not wiping down the weight bench before he laid down on it. My husband and I always carry around a towel, with antibacterial gel on it so all we have to do is wipe down the equipment before we use it. Well, about a week ago my husband left his towel at home and he decided that he would lay down on the weight bench as he did chest exercises. I told him that he should have wiped it down with paper towels that the gym provides to everyone, with plenty of their antiseptic cleaner but he said that the did not have to.

I was not surprised when he had little rings on his back a few days ago. I told him that he was going to catch something the one time that was going to neglect the wipe down but he refused to believe it. I didn’t understand what he was doing when he just laid down, I was watching him from the treadmill and I knew that it was going to be a problem when he got up and walked away. I was so grossed out, and now I am mad that he could spread that nasty ring worm to me or the kids and if he does then he will never hear the end of it from me, and I mean it.