Tooth loss affects millions of people. It is not always the result of poor dental care. Age-related bone loss may weaken teeth’s placement in the jaw and cause them to break. Also, physical trauma from prolonged clenching and grinding could result in broken teeth. Here are some reasons why implants may be a good solution.

Dentures and Bridges Tend to Be Difficult to Manage

As a practical matter, removable hardware to chew is going to be rather cumbersome. It will affect people’s oral care significantly, and it may lower their confidence about their smile. Fixed denture placement or bridges may be a more tolerable alternative to a full set of dentures, but they also carry some worrisome ramifications. There are often small crevices where food and miscellaneous bacteria can become trapped. This may lead to infection, bad breath, or unhealthy gums.

Avoid Bone Loss

Once a tooth is lost, the bone in the area of the jaw that once supported it will slowly lose form. Bone loss may even cause visible changes in the face. An oral surgeon can advise you about how bone loss from an extraction may affect adjacent teeth and the contour of your jaw. If you need to find an oral surgeon Wheaton IL, reach out to a dental provider who has extensive experience with implants.

Keep Teeth Aligned

Other teeth may shift out of position after one tooth is no longer where it should be. The teeth next to an extracted tooth may shift into the empty space. Also, the weaker bone density in your jaw following an extraction may loosen the teeth on either side of an extracted tooth. An implant can prevent changes in your teeth’s alignment by reinforcing your bite and averting bone loss.

Consider whether implants may help you. They may be integral in preserving your remaining teeth.