The HGH or the human growth hormone is produced naturally by the pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for the overall growth and optimum development in human beings. The effect of the GH remains throughout your life and deficiency of the hormone can be quite painstaking and sometimes prove to be fatal too. So, whenever deficiency of the GH is reported it is important that immediate action ought to be taken but under the guidance of an expert.

Oftentimes, individuals approach the chemists and pharmacists to get medicines which can be dangerous. If not administered properly, the human growth hormone risks and dangers can get out of proportion and it might be difficult for you to treat the same promptly.

It may be mentioned here that the GH is available in the market in form of sprays, injections, capsules. However, the injections are the most effective but the use of injections has not been approved by the FDA in all cases.

In this write up, let us find out the human growth hormone risks and dangers that individuals suffer from and are prone to.

ü  Risk of developing cancer- As we know that human growth hormone is responsible for promoting growth of cells and muscles, the chances of an abnormal cell growth cannot be ruled out. So, it increases the risk of cancer. This is one of the most prominent dangers associated with the human growth hormone.

ü  Cardiac ailment – Reports have suggested that excessive or abuse of GH may lead to the enlargement of different organs in the body including the heart. This may eventually lead to cardiac failure.

ü  Increases risk of stroke – Due to abnormal functioning of the heart that may arise from abuse of human growth hormone, an individual is also susceptible to stroke.

ü  Deformation in bones – We all know that HGH is required in optimum levels in the body. Excessive production of the GH may lead to abnormal conditions including Acromegaly in which there is abnormal enlargement of the bones present in the face and the hands. This leads to the distortion of the physical appearance of the affected individual.

ü  The other human growth risks and dangers include the increased susceptibility to diabetes. It has been seen that individuals that undergo hormone replacement therapy are at an increased risk of developing diabetes.

ü  Carpal tunnel syndrome has also been reported to be prevalent in individuals that have undergone HGH therapy.

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