It does not take much to get your child’s imagination going, and a child using their imagination is a very healthy thing. Parents sometimes vent at the cost of children’s toys, but those parents miss the point of an active imagination. Sometimes all it takes to spur a child’s imagination is a simple object and a story from an adult. Once your child gets an idea in their head, they can take it from there.


Kids love to dress up and you can help out by building a little imagination wardrobe for your child to use. Kids lab coats make excellent imagination inspirations, as do helmets and hats. Your children will provide the imaginary world to surround the piece of clothing you buy, all you need to do is get them anything they can use to pretend they are a firefighter, an astronaut or anything else.


Boxes offer a world of possibilities, especially when those boxes are paired up with paints and markers. If you do give your children paints and markers to create something out of boxes, then be sure to supervise the process to limit the damage that can be done to your home. But you would be surprised at what kids can create with something as simple as a box and a set of markers.

Shipping Tubes

At Christmastime, the kids always fight over the empty wrapping paper tubes because they see things in those tubes that adults do not see. Lightweight shipping tubes can serve the same purpose all year round, which means that kids don’t have to wait until Christmas to use their imaginations. Tubes become swords for knights or baseball bats for the next great slugger in the hands of a child. That is what an imagination can do for a child of any age.

The world of imagination is not exclusive to children, but it is a place where children spend a lot of time. A growing child should be encouraged to use their imagination, and parents need to realize that it does not take much for a child to create their own world. Parents can bring home simple objects that look like functional equipment to them, but become the fodder for a magical world in the hands of a child.