Many hospitals and medical facilities do not give much thought to the type of certification process they use for phlebotomists.  It is assumed that all certifications are the same.  The truth is that most phlebotomy certifications do not have a practical phase to their certification process, nor do they require continuing education to keep the certification current.

Why These Additional Areas Matter In The Certification Process

Medical facilities understand that there is always a liability issue when it comes to treating patients.  They must make sure that each and every employee, from doctor to orderly, is well trained and has the skills to effective care for patients.  This type of standard should also apply to the phlebotomist to ensure that all tests are conducted accurately.

There are several services like the American Society of Phlebotomists that can provide this type of certification for your phlebotomy employees.  Their standards to receive certification exceed most other certifications which ensure that your employees are top-quality.

To protect the patients and the medical institution itself, it is always best to have the highest standards for certifications in any area.  Click here for more information about top-quality phlebotomy testing for your employees.