Foot pain can adversely impact your health and your mood. In order to remain active, you need healthy feet.  Aching feet can be a distraction at work and can also make you a little grumpy. Being negligent with foot care can lead to foot pain and a variety of other foot-related problems. There are some simple, quick tips you can follow to assure that your feet remain healthy.

Foot Inspections

If you are a diabetic, you should examine your feet daily. Non-diabetics should perform a foot exam at least once a week. A good time to thoroughly examine your feet is after you bathe or shower. You should always dry your feet well and be sure to dry the area between your toes. Moisture in that area can lead to fungal infection.  When drying your feet, you can check for sores, scaling or peeling. If you notice areas that need attention, you can seek treatment and advice from podiatrist Kissimmee fl so that the problem doesn’t escalate.


Improperly fitting shoes are not just uncomfortable, they can cause blisters, sores and other foot-related problems. Shoes should have a broad, rounded toe. Shoes with pointed toes can cause ingrown toenails.  If you have a problem with sweaty feet, you might want to wear breathable shoes. Leather or mesh shoes can help keep your feet dry. You might also want to wear moisture-wicking socks.

Toenail Care

As part of your healthy feet routine, you should be sure to trim your toenails in the proper manner. Nails should be cut straight across. You don’t want to dig into the corners of the nail or trim too close to the skin. There’s are many toenail fungus remedies available that can help eliminate the fungus.

Taking care of your feet can prevent current and future foot related problems that could hinder you from living an active lifestyle. It’s far more important for your overall well-being to wear properly fitting shoes than to endure the pain and future repercussions some trendy footwear can cause.