No matter where you work or when you start your day, there never seems to be enough time for a thorough morning beauty routine. Fortunately, some simple changes can help you save time while still ensuring you feel confident and ready for the day. These ideas can save you a ton of time so you can cut back on stress and enjoy a more relaxing and productive morning any day of the week.

Give Permanent Makeup a Try

Even if you stick to the basics, makeup application can be a huge hassle. Permanent makeup Long Island NY can help you look gorgeous every moment of the day. You can go for the basics and choose a lip liner, eyeliner, or eyebrow treatment or combine them all for a complete look. With permanent makeup, you can accent with just a few finishing touches or simply walk out the door with zero application; either way, you’ll look great while saving a lot of time.

Keep Dry Shampoo on Hand

It’s unrealistic for most people to wash their hair on a daily basis. It’s also bad for most hair types, as it can dry your hair out, making it brittle and prone to damage and breakage. To save time while keeping your hair healthier, use a dry shampoo on non-wash days to soak up excess oil, add volume, and keep your hair looking and smelling fresh. It’s an easy way to revive your style in just a few minutes.

Prep Ahead the Night Before

Before you go to bed, take just a few minutes to check the weather and lay out your clothes for the next day. You won’t have to worry about rummaging through your closet in a panic or scrambling for a “plan B’ if your first choice is stained or wrinkled. You might even sleep better knowing you’ve taken something off of tomorrow’s to-do list.

Mornings can be hectic, but with a little planning, you can be ready for the day while feeling good about yourself. Give these tips a try to set yourself up for success.