Clear braces will straighten the teeth just like the traditional metal brackets and wires. They are often much more comfortable, and the trays can be removed while eating and brushing the teeth. The process of Invisalign Brentwood office treatment is simple, and you will likely find that it doesn’t take as long to straighten the teeth with this method.

There are a few questions that you might have about the Invisalign process. The aligners look like trays that are used to whiten the teeth. There is a series of aligners that are specifically made for your teeth after molds are made. The aligners are given to you in a sequence that works best to straighten the teeth in the proper manner.

The aligners work by using force to move the teeth. As the aligners are changed, they will push the teeth into place more so that you have the straight appearance. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that they aren’t seen like traditional braces. Your oral hygiene will often be better than it would be with metal brackets since you can remove the aligners to brush and floss and get treatment from the dentist. Treatment usually takes about a year for most adults. This is usually a shorter period than braces, making it a comfortable experience instead of one that seems like it drags on forever.

An easy way to get started with clear braces is to talk to your dentist about the way your teeth are positioned. An x-ray can be done to look at the roots to determine how crooked they are and to see which method of treatment would work best. An orthodontist can do molds of the mouth to make the aligners. You will need to go back after the molds are made to get the first set of aligners. Each set is usually given about once a month depending on how fast your teeth shift. You won’t have to worry about getting wires clipped or wearing rubber bands in the mouth when you have plastic aligners. The trays should be worn at least 20 hours out of the day.