When you need answers to determine what kind of illness you might have, rapid tests might help. These tests are designed to give a basic diagnose of the condition tested for in a short amount of time. If the result is positive, then further testing can be conducted. There are many benefits to the tests, and they can be used by a variety of people. Employers can use a rapid drug test for someone who has applied for a position in the company. The drug test can also be given to someone who the employer suspects is using drugs while on the job.

A common use of this kind of testing is at a doctor’s office. The staff can give various tests including those for allergies, cancer, diabetes and other diseases that need to be quickly diagnosed in order to start treatment. Many of the tests are sold in sets so that offices will have several kits for patients instead of needing to order more tests in only a few weeks. An advantage of the drug tests is that there are some that can detect two or three chemicals instead of only one at a time. The tests are easy to use and give reliable results.