Innovative Ways Doctors are Reducing Patient Pain

The vast majority of surgeries successfully treat patients for their illnesses. Knowing this can make you feel better about an upcoming operation. You may still worry that pain will disrupt your life for years to come. Luckily, doctors have found several innovative ways to reduce patient pain. As long as your surgeon understands the latest research on reducing pain, you should find that you have a positive experience that doesn’t disrupt your life for very long.

Here are three of the most successful ways your doctor may use to reduce your pain.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Surgery often causes a lot of pain because doctors have to make large incisions in your body. Surgeons have been trained to minimize damage while operating, but they still cut you with knives. That will leave some pain that can linger for weeks or months.

Minimally invasive surgery uses smaller incisions, so it doesn’t cause as much pain. Most minimally invasive surgeries rely on robotic assistance, so you may need to find a doctor who has been trained to use sensitive tools. Other benefits of minimally invasive surgery include lower risk of infection, reduced blood loss, and a faster recovery time, so it’s worth finding a doctor who knows how to use smaller incisions.

Better Post-Op Care

What happens after your surgery can also reduce the amount of pain that you feel during your recovery. Better post-op care can shorten your recovery time and keep you more comfortable. The best surgeons work closely with their patients to make sure they have the services they need to stay healthy after they go under the knife.

Many medical facilities now use force-air warming to minimize pain and encouraging fast healing. The benefits of forced-air warming systems like Bair Hugger have been documented in more than 170 studies. The research shows that Bair Hugger creates a healing environment for the body without increasing the risk of infection at the surgical site. When you’re choosing a doctor to perform your surgery, you may want to ask if he or she uses the Bair Hugger system to reduce post-op pain.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

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Pain affects more than specific areas of your body. People who experience pain for long periods of time often develop mental health problems that exacerbate the problem. When you have long-term pain, you may start to wonder if you’ll ever feel healthy again or if you can withstand the discomfort.

Mindfulness meditation helps patients keep pain in perspective. This type of meditation teaches you to experience your body in non-judgmental ways. You may feel a lot of pain in one area, but you eventually learn to accept the discomfort instead of letting it dominate your life.

Some people dismiss mindfulness meditation as New Age nonsense, but studies show that it can reduce chronic pain by 57 percent. Try the techniques for a few weeks to see if it works well for you.

It’s impossible to predict exactly how a patient will respond to treatments, but doctors have access to a lot of research showing that these methods reduce pain in most people. Take advantage of them to have a more comfortable experience.

Weight loss tips to lose weight fast and effectively

weight_lossWho does not want to lose weight and look smarter and more attractive? In fact may be all of us have wanted to at some point of time. Then what differentiates you from those who have gone ahead and done it? Firstly their determination to lose weight and secondly selection of the right weight loss program. Not every one has the money to go to the surgeon and come out looking like a diva. Nor does every one find the whole deal about going under the knife quite attractive as all have heard about the numerous surgeries gone wrong.

Here are some simple tips for losing weight that don’t cost much money and are risk-free too:


  1. Increase your intake of water: Water is the most important nutrient as it has the power of flushing out all the toxic elements from the body and maintain the metabolism of the body. Drinking at least 10 glasses of water is a must. Start your day with a glass of luke warm water and add a few drops of lime juice and honey to it. Don’t be afraid of the honey as although it is sweet it does not have sugar and ha numerous medicinal properties that are great for a good digestion.
  2. Take out time during the day for some exercise: Exercise does not necessarily mean an hour’s workout at the gym. Depending on your daily routine see the time you can take out and which exercise you can accommodate during that time. It can be a walk, cycling, yoga, treadmill or whichever form of exercise that suits your body and schedule. If due to some reason you are unable to take out time in the morning, try to shift your exercise in the evening. Especially for working women or ladies with small kids taking out time seems next to impossible. Try to put in some exercise when the kids are off to school, studying, playing or sleeping. This way you shall be bale to manage your work as well as exercise.
  3. Don’t procrastinate: Always remember the more you postpone weight-loss the harder it would be for you to lose those extra pounds. If you feel you are too tied-up to start exercising today you are sure to feel so even after 1 year. The initiative to lose weight has to come as soon as possible. The sooner you work on those extra pounds the faster you would lose them.
  4. Don’t start any drastic diet: It is not sensible to start any drastic diets that ask you eat abnormally low quantities of food or to completely remove any item from your diet. The problem with such diets is that they are not healthy for the body and the minute you stop these diets your body does a rebound and the weight comes back faster than you could have ever imagined. Completely removing any food from your diet would increase your craving for the food and you may end up binge eating at the first given opportunity, wasting all the effort you had put in for such a long time.

Questions To Ask Before Surgery

Surgery can be frightening whether you have had an operation before or if you have never had to be in a hospital. If you ask Bay Surgical Specialists, as well as other surgeons, a few questions, then you might find that some of your fears will go away before the surgery date.

It’s important to find out why you need surgery and if there are any other options available. If there are treatments that the doctor hasn’t tried, then you might want to explore these unless surgery is the only option. Find out where the surgery will take place and how long it will last. You should also ask about the recovery. See if there are any limitations on what you can do when you get home or if there are any medications that you need to take. Some doctors want patients to stay in the hospital for a night or two depending on the kind of surgery.

When you know why the surgery is being done, find out about the benefits as well as any risks that are associated with the surgery. There are some surgeries that might require a follow-up operation in order to give the best results. When you get home, you will probably want to have something for pain. Ask what is available and if there are any risks with the medication that is given for pain. Some medications can be addicting, so you need to know if there are any that can be prescribed that have minimal effects while still providing comfort. Ask about the anesthesia. Some surgeries can be performed with a local anesthetic while others require general anesthesia. Find out how long the doctor has been performing surgery and the qualifications of the anesthesiologist. Write down as much information as possible before and after meeting with the doctor.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Hair Loss Products over Surgery

Do you know someone who is going bald prematurely and their confidence has dropped over the past few months? Or do you have a hair loss problem and you are looking for a new way to grow your hair? If you are looking for a hair stimulant that will start the hair growth process again, then you should check out Anastim. There are many reasons why people end up going through painful hair implant surgery, but if you don’t have the money or you don’t like the pain associated with surgeries in general, then you should consider buying high quality hair products instead.


Hair products that promote hair growth are more affordable than if you were to schedule a hair implant surgery. Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on a surgery that may or may not work? Your hair implants could potentially fall out and then you’ll be wondering why you spent all that money on a surgery that didn’t’ work. You can grow your hair naturally again and you can do it when you find the right type of hair growth products on the internet.

Improve Your Self-Confidence Level

Even though hair implant surgery is an immediate solution to your hair loss problem, it may not be permanent. You will feel an increase in your self-confidence level once you see that you have hair again, but if it comes out, you’ll end up feeling the same way as you’re currently feeling. You should take a look at the products that Hair Energizer has to offer because they will help you grow a new head of hair again.  As you use the products, you will start to see and feel a difference in your hair. Your self-confidence level will increase as you see new hair growing. Plus, you’ll have saved thousands of dollars by not going through a surgery that might not have worked.