Options Available for Teeth Whitening in Bangkok

Your smile offers a first impression to people. It tells very much about your personal hygiene and overall health. Among the major determinants of your smile is the color of your teeth. Spotlessly-white teeth enable individuals to smile confidently and show off their white teeth. Yellow and stained teeth on the other hand make people self-conscious and embarrassed whenever they smile in public. Fortunately, today there are teeth whitening procedures that are available to help you attain pearly white teeth, which not only improves the way you look but also boosts your confidence.


There are people who choose to purchase whitening regimens over-the-counter in their local stores as opposed to seeking in-office treatment. These over-the -counter regimens could be cheaper when compared to dentists’ offices, but they will only provide short term results. When looking for teeth whitening in Bangkok, it is advisable to consider getting a reliable dentist. These dentists offer several procedures for teeth whitening and you should choose one that will be most effective for your case. Your choice here will mostly be determined by your state of oral and dental health. Get guidance from your dentist when making this decision.


Different Types of Procedures for Teeth Whitening in Bangkok


There is no particular procedure that is used in teeth whitening. Instead, this is composed of various techniques all aimed at achieving a common goal. Here are different sorts of teeth whitening in Bangkok.


Laser teeth whitening


This procedure is also known as arc-light or teeth bleaching and it is very effective in teeth whitening. It removes all stains, even those that have been on the teeth for a long time. The procedure only takes an hour, in-office, and utilizes intense light to produce the bleaching process.


Cool blue light whitening


This method makes use of activated light color of the plasma cool light system that is blue light. The main benefit of this blue light is that it produces less heat compared to the red light of the laser system. Usually, one treatment session is enough unless one has very stubborn staining and needs more than one session.


Zoom 2 whitening


This is among the most popular choices in teeth whitening in Bangkok. This is because it is one of the quickest and most effective procedures, giving instant results. It is an upgrade of the original Zoom Light.


At-home teeth whitening


This technique uses Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching gel together with particular foam-lined trays which are laboratory-made that are accurately fitted on your teeth. If you opt for this technique, you should follow the dentist’s instruction to avoid any adverse side effects.


Major Advantages of Teeth Whitening in Bangkok


Among the key benefits of this procedure is that you get pearl white teeth. This boosts your confidence and makes you more attractive, which can have positive effects on your performance of daily activities. Besides, teeth whitening can be done irrespective of how old or young you are.


This cosmetic dentistry procedure does not take long and one method can be performed from home. By choosing to undergo teeth whitening in Bangkok, you are able to get an excellent service at a lower cost compared to most the western countries.