How to Help Prevent a Cancer Diagnosis Naturally

Regardless of the type of cancer you are diagnosed with, some are preventable or can be less damaging if you make some lifestyle changes. What many newly diagnosed patients and their families fail to realize is that cancer does not have to take over your life. In many cases, you can control its progression naturally, or slow down progression to enjoy your life with friends and family. The few tips here can help with cancer prevention and/or progression stunting.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Although cancer is within every person’s body, the way that you live your life could be the difference in those cells changing or not. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent some cancers such as lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, prostate cancer and some skin cancers. Be mindful of your time in the sun and what you’re putting in your body. If you aren’t the most active person, getting in some exercise daily will help.

Stop Smoking and Reduce Alcohol Intake

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, and can cause cancer of the mouth or throat. Alcohol can be a factor in several types of cancer, including organ cancers like the liver. If you are a smoker, develop a plan that you can be successful with whether it is with cessation aids or prescription medicine. Quitting cold turkey often results in multiple falls off the wagon.

You do not have to quit drinking alcohol entirely, however, reducing your intake to a drink or two daily is ideal. Excessive alcohol consumption breaks down the integrity of your liver and its ability to properly filter the alcohol through your system.

Eat Fresh
Pre-packaged and processed foods are full of chemicals (preservatives and additives) that can be harmful to your body over time. Fast food and high-sodium foods should also be avoided. When you adopt a fresh diet, you are getting the most nutrients the ingredients of your meal possible. You are also cutting out the preservatives, sodium and additives used in boxed/premade/processed items. Yes, fresh does cost a bit more, but it is worth it.

Closing Thoughts

Although this may seem like common sense to some, those that are unaware of what excessive drinking and eating poor-quality diets can mean for staying healthy may make some changes. Lifestyle changes are simple and should be done a little at a time. You don’t want to shock your body by starting to exercise, quitting smoking and changing your diet on the same day. Fresh foods, especially items that are high in vitamins can help keep you cancer and major illness free.

Egg Allergies: what you need to know?

egg-allergiesEggs allergies rank near the top in terms of which food allergies are the most common. One of the reason for this is unfortunately the fact that eggs contain so many different healthy proteins. The many different proteins also make it difficult to figure out which protein is responsible for causing egg allergy symptoms. Like most food allergies children are the most at risk to suffering from egg allergy symptoms although many will out grow their egg allergies.

There are varying degrees of egg allergies and some people with them will be able to tolerate eggs in different states. The reason for this is because cooking the eggs changes it molecular structure, and the longer it is cooked the more the structure is changed and this will eliminate some of the proteins. For this reason some people may find that they are able to tolerate hard boiled eggs but not soft boiled. If you are allergic to eggs you should however not test if you are allergic to eggs in various cooked states with out proper medical supervision. Both the yolk and egg white contain different proteins so most people will be allergic to either egg whites or yolks but not both. Unfortunately separating the egg yolk from the egg white is not really possible as small amounts will beĀ  left on the yolk so in many cases even people allergic to only egg whites will need to avoid egg yolks as well

Avoiding Eggs

Eliminating eggs from the diet is not as easy as skipping them at breakfast as eggs are found in everything from pastas to dessert toppings. Baking is a little easier as egg replacers can be found in most local grocery stores and depending on the eggs purpose (liquid,binder or agent) in a recipe substitution can be made in recipes with a little experimentation. Many grocery stores now care specialty line for allergy sufferers making it more easy to buy egg free goods that typically contain eggs.

Egg Allergy Symptoms

Egg Allergy Symptoms can occur minutes after eating them or may take several hours to occur.

Stomach problem like gas or upset stomach are common as well as diarrhea.

Skin problems like eczema are one of the more noticeable problems in small children. Hives and other rashes may also appear.

Asthma attacks and breathing problems may also result from egg allergies.

Anaphylactic shock is the most serious and requires immediate medical attention. During anaphylactic shock mouth and throat swell and breathing becomes very difficult.

Helping People with a High Functioning Addict: What Should We Know about Them and What Should We Do

Having friend, relative, or even brother who are getting addicted to drugs or alcohol somehow makes us get a shock. Getting addicted to drugs or alcohols is something wrong. It can be counted as sickness of psychological but also physical. Sometimes, the closest people around the suspect tend to deny what happens. In fact, they must have sent the people with high functioning addict to the recovery center to get recovered well.


People with high functioning addict are people that get so much addiction to drugs or alcohol. They even claim that drugs or alcohol is part of their life. They cannot live well without consuming drugs or alcohol. Moreover, there are some factors that affect people to be such high functioning addict people. First, modern lifestyle allows people to consume alcohol not for any purpose, just for fun. Second, the quick spread of inappropriate drugs makes people easy to get drugs abuse. Third, the high pressure of work and stressed during working makes people look for something that can give them instant pleasure. Fourth, lack of family support commonly lead people to get high functioning addict. On the other hand, some studies reveal that almost 20% of alcoholics are considered as high functioning addict people. However, somehow people with high functioning addict do not directly reveal what happens to them in front of people that have close relation to them. Sometimes, they act like they do not have any connection with alcohol or drugs abuse. In order to help a functioning addict person, we must know where we can find the best place which can serve the best program to save high addict person from any further dangerous effects. Recovery center is the most appropriate place to send that kind of person in. There, people with high functioning addict will get therapy and recovery treatment. Besides, there alcohol and drugs abusive persons can get particular treatment according to their level or type of high functioning addict. Some treatments offered may include detoxification, personal therapy, family programs, and so on.


High functioning addict people somehow are not easy to identify. However, we can analyze them from their behavior changing and other psychological and physical symptoms. Always get close to people around us can be good prevention from any alcohol or drugs abuse. Moreover, giving immediate help to people who are already got high functioning addict is a recommended action.