Bad Effects of Porn Addiction for the Addicts

Porn addiction is surely a thing that people must be able to handle wisely by knowing about how to block porn. Of course, this kind of statement is not the one said without any reason behind it. Without any doubt, there are some bad effects that will be felt by those who are addicted to porn, who are known to watch this kind of movie in most time of their life. In general, it is known that the bad effects seem to attack the physiological side of the addicts of porn. It is certain that if the addiction is not handled properly, it will be a part of them which is so hard to remove even if it is in fact not a good thing to keep.


The first explanation about side effect of watching porn too much can be said to be something like this. For addicts, being intimidated by fake good performance of porn stars that they usually watch is so easy to happen. Usually, they will end up with comparing between the best performance that they see, no matter whether the performance is true or not, with their own. Of course, because this kind of movie is often made in such a way by professional porn movie maker, it is certain that everything looks best. Becoming intimidated by such thing and finally have desire to be the same to the porn stars will only make people to lose their self confidence in sex because psychologically they want something more than what they can do.


When such physiological issue occurs, it is very common that some sexual problems will follow. For example, instead of getting better in sex, people just lose their good ability at it so that they cannot stay that long in bed. Of course, the main problem that they face in this kind of situation is no other but premature ejaculation. They think too much so that they cannot really focus on what they are doing. In order to deal with this case, it is certain that more knowledge about blocking porn should really be obtained so that people will not get addicted to it and face some serious matters later.