Pollen Allergy Symptoms

AllergiesCommon Pollen Allergy Symptoms

Pollen allergies also known as hay fever are very common and its estimated that anywhere between 5%-10% of people suffer from pollen allergy symptoms. Pollen allergies are caused by plants that reproduce through wind pollination. Male pollen cells are spread through the air using this method. Unfortunately they are also the cause of pollen allergy symptoms.

Pollen Allergy Symptoms

  1. itchy skin and eyes
  2. stuffy nose, possibly nose bleeds
  3. headaches
  4. sore throat
  5. trouble breathing
  6. dark circles under eyes
  7. plugged ears
  8. sneezing
  9. coughing

What Season Do Pollen Allergy Symptoms Occur?

Well the answer is it depends. Pollen allergies are also known as hay fever because they most commonly occurred during the haying season, but pollen allergy season lasts from spring till fall . Of course climate and geography also effect when plants will pollinate. In the spring trees and many flower plants pollinate. The summer is when grass pollinates and fall is the season for ragweed. Pollen allergy symptoms can also be responsible for triggering other health problems like asthma.

Tips For Dealing With Pollen Allergy Symptoms

  • Check the allergy levels daily
  • Stay inside on bad days, keep windows closed
  • Change clothes when coming in from outside, shower if possible
  • Wash bed sheets in hot water weekly
  • Ask your doctor for a antihistamine or decongestant
  • Natural antihistamine or decongestants
  • Some believe honey (local) can help
  • Try a alternative treatment to compliment your current treatment under guidance of a doctor
  • Acupuncture
  • EFT
  • Aromatherapy
  • Homeopathy

You can also try immunotherapy if all else fails. Over the course of time allergy shots can make your pollen allergy symptoms go away but they do not work for everyone. Dealing with pollen allergies can be a matter of trail and error until you find what works best for you, in the mean time avoidance to pollen will be your best cure.

Will Taking Local Honey Reduce Pollen Allergy Symptoms

There is a popular notion that taking local honey will reduce ones pollen allergy symptoms. The theory is that by consuming the local honey you will build up immunity to local pollens. While there is no scientific proof that this theory works, there is one major flaw to the theory.

Bee’s collect pollen from flowers which have pollen that is very heavy and not easily spread by the wind, which is why the bee’s help is needed. Most pollen allergies come from grass, tree or weed pollen which is lighter and relies on the wind for pollination. This is not to say that it does not work as there could be another reason why it helps.