Examinations At An Emergency Clinic

If you or a family member have any kind of medical emergency through the day or at night, you might not know whether you should go to a hospital emergency room or an urgent care location. There are benefits of both, but you might find that it’s easier to be seen at an urgent care facility. The same services are offered as well, and if there is an issue that the doctors can’t handle, then you can be sent to a hospital for further treatment.

An urgent care office is ideal for those who don’t have a regular family doctor. You can walk into the office without an appointment and be seen on a first come, first serve basis in most cases. Making an appointment with a physician can sometimes take a few weeks, especially if you haven’t been to the office. An urgent care facility can see you whether you have been there one time or 100.

There are sometimes more services offered than you would find at a doctor’s office. They are comparable to an emergency room, but they are on a smaller scale. You can get x-rays taken of any area of the body, and most offices have access to a CT machine or an MRI if there is further testing needed. Doctors can perform blood tests as well as other diagnostic testing to determine the illness that has caused the visit. Since there are services offered at the office, it’s usually not necessary to go to other locations just to get treatment for the illness or injury.

The urgent care office is a way for children to get the help they need if they are sick in the middle of the night. You can get prescriptions for illnesses as well as samples of medications until you are able to get to a pharmacy. Offices can treat injuries that take place at school or while on the job. Sports physicals can be performed as well as any testing that is required by an employer. A 24 hour emergency clinic Cypress TX offers can provide almost all of the services that you need in order to be as healthy as possible.

4 Benefits Of Using An Ultrasound

When doctors look to get comprehensive tests done on patients, they have a variety of imaging options. The final decision depends on what would best benefit the patient, but anyone who is getting medical testing done should take the time to learn more about ultrasound. In the hands of experts such as those at Middletown Medical Imaging, an ultrasound can be a helpful alternative to other imaging tests.

It Is Painless

One of the biggest advantages of an ultrasound is that it is painless in every way. Unlike a CT scan or MRI where you could be forced into uncomfortable positions, an ultrasound is simple to administer and creates no discomfort at all.

You Can See The Results In Real Time

In some cases, ultrasounds allow you to see your results in real time before you are supplied with a video and static image of your condition. For example, a pregnant woman can watch as she is being given an ultrasound and actually see her baby for the first time. This sort of technology creates an interactive experience between the technician and the patient that is not offered by other forms of imaging.

It Is Versatile

The list of conditions that can benefit from ultrasound is very long and includes pregnancy, thyroid conditions, spleen discomfort, heart issues, and kidney problems. This versatility means that more people are able to benefit from the comfortable nature of an ultrasound, which can be a relief to those who find discomfort in trying to conform to the testing conditions required by other imaging processes.

It Is Safe

An ultrasound does not use any type of radiation to develop an internal image of your body’s organs. The process uses sound waves that are perfectly safe and cause no discomfort. Since no radiation is involved, there is no potential for long-term issues, especially in delicate patients. This is why ultrasound is the preferred imaging method for pregnant women and smaller children who have serious conditions.

The next time your doctor indicates that you may need an imaging test done, you should discuss the possibility of getting an ultrasound. An ultrasound may not be appropriate for every situation, but it does offer a comfortable and safe alternative to the many other types of imaging tests that are available.