Protect Yourself Against Livestock Loss

As an individual, you carry insurance to protect against loss that may be incurred for one of several reasons. You insure your home in the event of a catastrophe like a fire or burglary. You insure your car to protect yourself against the loss of property due to an auto accident. This is in addition to the insurance that will cover any liabilities you incur if the accident is deemed to be your fault.

As a business owner, you carry insurance to cover the loss of assets, and you may even carry professional liability insurance, depending on your profession. If you are a farmer, covering your livestock is the equivalent of business insurance that owners and operators carry. The loss of livestock is the loss of your livelihood. So why would you not cover the potential loss with a good insurance policy. Companies like the Ark Agency can set you up with a livestock mortality insurance policy that will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your source of income is protected should the unexpected happen.

Livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats and hogs can usually be insured. You can get coverage with either a full mortality and theft policy or a limited mortality insurance policy. A full policy will cover the death of an animal that is caused or made necessary by natural as well as accidental causes. Coverage applies while the animal is in either the continental United States or Canada. These policies also cover theft. Animals must be in good health and under a certain age to qualify.
Animals that do not qualify for coverage under a full mortality policy may qualify for a limited mortality policy. These policies cover the loss if the animal’s death was caused by one of several listed perils. Examples of these perils include things like lightning, fire, storms, and traffic accidents occurring while the animal is in transit. These policies may also include electrocution, being struck by falling buildings, attacks by wild animals and theft. When theft is involved, it may not be necessary to prove the animal has died, only that it was stolen.

If your source of income depends on the welfare of your livestock, you might want to look into a policy that is customized for your particular needs. Just like with any other business, it only makes good sense to be covered in the event of an unexpected loss.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Healthcare Administrator

A healthcare administrator is a professional office worker who functions as an assistant, secretary and office manager. Whether you are a doctor with your own practice, or you work as an office manager for a major medical complex, hiring a dedicated healthcare administrator has a number of benefits on how your office operators. You can get all the help that you need with filing paperwork, sending bills to insurance providers, keeping patients comfortable and handling any problems that might come along in the future.

Keeping Stock of Inventory

One key benefit of hiring a healthcare administrator is that you get help keeping track of the inventory you have in your office. That administrator can take inventory every day to show you what supplies you currently have and what supplies you need to order immediately or in the near future. Administrators can also ensure that your supplies are well organized. They can even identify pieces of equipment that need repairs or replacing. If you have an endoscope that no longer works, your administrator can make a list of endoscope repair companies that you can call on for help.

Patient Comfort

The comfort of your patients is key. While you can help them feel more comfortable in the exam room, you may have little to no control over what happens to them outside in the waiting room. With the right healthcare administrator by your side, you can rest assured that your patients feel comfortable from the moment they arrive until the moment they walk out to the parking lot. Administrators can assign jobs to different employees to make sure that the waiting room is clean, there are magazines available, toys and magazines are waiting for kids and that there are cold or hot drinks available too.

Finding New Workers

Regardless of the size of your office, you may need to hire some new employees. As a doctor or a manager, you have enough on your mind without worrying about writing up a job posting and talking to potential candidates. With a healthcare administrator on your team, you can leave all that work in his or her hands. The administrator can take care of everything from putting the listing online or in the paper to interviewing candidates and giving you a list of the top applicants. Keeping patients comfortable, finding new employees and keeping track of supplies are just some of the tasks that a healthcare administrator can do for you.

Lawyers Help Workers Who’ve Been Hurt on the Job

Workers today are put under more stress and scrutiny than ever before. With new forms of technology and the long hours that many are required to work, there is always the chance that individuals could endure some kind of injury out on the job. If and when this happens, people are not simply left to fend for themselves. The good news is that there are solid lawyers out there who are almost always willing to step up to the plate. When it comes to work comp Iowa lawyers have the ability to provide key protections.

Protection under state and federal law
The good news for lawyers working in this field is that there is a maze of state and federal laws that protect people from having to bear the burden of their injury on the job. If you happen to have been hurt at work, your company has certain requirements that it must follow. For starters, it will need to have paid for workers comp insurance, which provides payouts to people in your position.

Fighting with insurance companies
Part of the challenge for people who’ve been hurt is fighting with insurance companies who often do not want to provide the things that individuals need. Insurance companies can be extremely stubborn when it comes to making payouts. They will often ask too many questions and will try to shift the blame back onto the worker. In some cases, they will attempt to reach settlements that can hurt the worker. Many people try to deal with these things on their own. Good lawyers can be very helpful, though, providing the expertise that people need when they find themselves in an unenviable situation with an insurance provider.

Accounting for all of the damages
If you’re hurt on the job, good lawyers will make sure that you understand all of the different ways in which you’ve been harmed. It might just be that you have medical bills that need to be taken care of. You might also have lost wages that can hurt you financially. There could be pain and suffering, too. What about the loss of future employment opportunities? These are all things that a good lawyer will bring up in discussions with you, and it pays to listen when such an important topic is on the docket. Good attorneys make a bad situation more palatable for people in your spot.

5 Tips for Choosing a Doctor

Are you suffering from a cough or cold? Or maybe you’re just looking for a primary care physician in case of future health issues. Whatever your reasons for seeking out a doctor, here are five tips to make sure you only choose the best.

1. Consider Your Insurance

First things first: What kind of limitations are you facing from your insurance company? Is there a pre-approved list you have to choose from, or are only certain kinds of check-ups comped? There’s no use falling in love with a wonderful clinic that isn’t covered by your policy.

2. Be Specific In Your Search

If you already know that you have high risk factors for heart disease or a preexisting condition like diabetes, it’s important to find a doctor with experience in treating or monitoring your symptoms. Don’t be satisfied with a “jack of all trades” physician. Look for a specialist.

3. Stay Local

If you’re living in Houston with two kids, look for Houston family physicians. Not only will this save you a long commute whenever little Tommy comes down with the flu, but it will also ensure that you’re close to help in case of a real emergency. Local doctors are also much more likely to be in your insurance network.

4. Read Their Reviews

What do previous patients have to say about them? Look for testimonials through search engines or directory listings. Did they overcharge for certain procedures? Were patients forced to spend hours in the waiting room despite having an appointment? How many people would go back again?

5. Schedule A Visit

At the end of the day, there’s no replacement for sitting down with a doctor face-to-face. In addition to gauging their personality for warmth and friendliness, you’ll also get a sense of how educated they are. For example, if they bumble through a diagnosis, they might not be the best doctor for you.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing a doctor. Don’t be afraid to be picky or take a long time with your decision. It’s important not to leave things up to chance with your family’s health.