Helping People with a High Functioning Addict: What Should We Know about Them and What Should We Do

Having friend, relative, or even brother who are getting addicted to drugs or alcohol somehow makes us get a shock. Getting addicted to drugs or alcohols is something wrong. It can be counted as sickness of psychological but also physical. Sometimes, the closest people around the suspect tend to deny what happens. In fact, they must have sent the people with high functioning addict to the recovery center to get recovered well.


People with high functioning addict are people that get so much addiction to drugs or alcohol. They even claim that drugs or alcohol is part of their life. They cannot live well without consuming drugs or alcohol. Moreover, there are some factors that affect people to be such high functioning addict people. First, modern lifestyle allows people to consume alcohol not for any purpose, just for fun. Second, the quick spread of inappropriate drugs makes people easy to get drugs abuse. Third, the high pressure of work and stressed during working makes people look for something that can give them instant pleasure. Fourth, lack of family support commonly lead people to get high functioning addict. On the other hand, some studies reveal that almost 20% of alcoholics are considered as high functioning addict people. However, somehow people with high functioning addict do not directly reveal what happens to them in front of people that have close relation to them. Sometimes, they act like they do not have any connection with alcohol or drugs abuse. In order to help a functioning addict person, we must know where we can find the best place which can serve the best program to save high addict person from any further dangerous effects. Recovery center is the most appropriate place to send that kind of person in. There, people with high functioning addict will get therapy and recovery treatment. Besides, there alcohol and drugs abusive persons can get particular treatment according to their level or type of high functioning addict. Some treatments offered may include detoxification, personal therapy, family programs, and so on.


High functioning addict people somehow are not easy to identify. However, we can analyze them from their behavior changing and other psychological and physical symptoms. Always get close to people around us can be good prevention from any alcohol or drugs abuse. Moreover, giving immediate help to people who are already got high functioning addict is a recommended action.