How is The Skin Prick Allergy Test Done?

skin-prick-testingThe theory behind skin prick testing, skin puncture testing and scratch testing is the same though methods very slightly. The most commonly performed is the skin prick test which is relatively pain free and fast. Scratch testing has been losing favor and some patients report more discomfort and scaring from scratch testing compared to skin prick testing.

The Skin Prick Test Done

A very small amount of a possible allergen is placed on a area of the body, usually the forearm or back. The skin is than pricked with a sterile needle point to allow the allergen to enter. The tester notes if the skin begins to react in the form of hives or rash. The size of any outbreak on the skin is also measured.The size helps the allergist or doctor who is performing the test grade the reaction, there are a few different scales used for grading the reactions. Usually many allergens will be tested on the skins surface in a grid that has been marked out on back or forearm.

Negative Control: The power of the mind is so great that the mere mention of a test can cause the skin to react with rashes in some people. For this reason a negative control is used in the test. The negative control can be nothing more than a saline solution. If the skin reacts to the negative control than all results of the skin prick test can be considered suspect.

Positive Control: A positive control like histamines is also used to induce a reaction on the skin.

What Else You Should Know About Skin Prick Testing

Antihistamines should be avoided before the test. Your doctor will tell you the exact period of time you should stop taking them before the scheduled test.

The skin prick test relies a great deal on the qualifications of who interprets and performs the test. Go with the most qualified professional you can find preferably a allergist.

False positives are not uncommon where there is a reaction from a allergen during the test even though the patient experiences no problems with the allergen in normal life.

False negatives also occur even with a allergen the patient is allergic to.

Skin prick testing is considered accurate by many but it will only help diagnose those allergens that produce a IgE antibody response.

What Programs Are Available to People Who Have an Eating Disorder?

There are many people around the country that suffer from an eating disorder. You may know someone who is suffering from an eating disorder and you wouldn’t even know it. However, if you suspect your loved one or friend of having a compulsive eating disorder, then you need to read everything you can so you can talk to them about getting the help they need. So if you’re looking for the types of programs that can help your loved one with their binge eating disorder, then keep reading.

Individual Counseling Sessions

People who suffer from an eating disorder, including bulimia, anorexia, compulsory or binge eating, then they need to start attending individual counseling sessions to help them recover from this disease. Your loved one is disgusted with the way they look and feel and it’s a difficult illness to overcome, especially since it involves the mind. There are counselors available at eating disorder rehabilitation facilities that specialize in people who are binge eaters.

Group Therapy Sessions

Another way for a person to overcome their eating disorder is to listen to other people’s stories about their own experiences. Group therapy is a powerful tool to use to help people overcome their own eating disorder because they know they aren’t alone when they are battling their weight and self-image. They will gain the confidence to overcome binge or compulsive eating so they can eat a normal amount of food instead of overstuffing their stomachs to the point where they feel uncomfortable and bloated.

Yoga, Bike Riding and Exercising

People who suffer from a binge eating disorder can overcome it by practicing yoga, taking a bike ride or exercising several times a week. The purpose of introducing other activities is so the person will feel more self confident about their bodies and it will also keep their minds off eating large amounts of food.

There are many activities and treatment options that are available to those who suffer from eating disorders. People who binge eat often can overcome their disorder by being an inpatient at a rehabilitation facility. There are specialists that will help your loved one overcome their weight and mental struggles when they start on their customized treatment program. You can view the type of treatment options available at This will help to better prepare yourself to talk to your loved one about their eating disorder and how they can overcome the illness.