Cervical cancer vaccine

Cancer CervixHuman papilloma virus (HPV) consider to be the main cause of cancer cervix ,  the cancer cervix vaccine developed mainly to  prevent  infection by human papilloma virus and it does not have any rule in prevention of cancer cervix nor prevention of other causes of cancer cervix.

Although cancer cervix vaccine developed to prevent HPV infection , it is only act against four strains of HPV which are HPV-16, HPV-11,HPV-6,and HPV-18 , as HPV-16,18 can result in cancer cervix by about 70% , and HPv-11,6 can result in about 90% of causing genital warts , which is predisposing finally to cancer cervix.

Gardasil is the first and the clinically approved vaccine , which is used now and the clinical trial say that is safe for females from age range 9 to 26 years old  , and that vaccine offer safety reaching up to 100% to both HPV 16-18 in females who does not exposed before to the virus , there are three doses of that vaccine , the first one start by a date your health provider prescribe to you and the next dose about one months from the first one and finally the last dose after 6 months from the second dose.

Gardasil vaccine does not show to have any effects in females who previously exposed to HPV , and it only used to prevent infection by HPV in females before they begin their sexual life , as after beginning sexual life there is no rule exclude that you do not expose to the virus,  and also it does not prevent cancer cervix and that mean taking the vaccine , does not exclude that you are not need for continous  cervical cancer screening .

Gardasil vaccine have side effects like fainting is the most common side effects and so any female should be seated about 15 minutes after she receive the vaccine , there are also other side effects like muscle pain after injection , headache and generalized malaise, but there is no serious side effects.

There are another type for HPV infection it is called Cervarix , which is currently developed in india , and it act only against HPV strains 16-18 and does not show to be effective against other strains , it has the Gardasil schedule which is zero dose , after one month , after six months , it also have minimal side effects like headache , muscle pain and fatigue , but cervarix is given to females from age range 10 – 45 years old.

Which is better Cervarix or Gardasil vaccine , this is the question , up to now there is no any clinical trials compared between both vaccine , and each one has effects and side effects.

But finally the vaccine make you safe against HPV infection which is the main cause that result in cancer cervix , and that is the point , the choice between them you have to consult your health provider to help you , to pick the most effective for you and remember each female is unique and females are not the same.

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