Protect Yourself Against Livestock Loss

As an individual, you carry insurance to protect against loss that may be incurred for one of several reasons. You insure your home in the event of a catastrophe like a fire or burglary. You insure your car to protect yourself against the loss of property due to an auto accident. This is in addition to the insurance that will cover any liabilities you incur if the accident is deemed to be your fault.

As a business owner, you carry insurance to cover the loss of assets, and you may even carry professional liability insurance, depending on your profession. If you are a farmer, covering your livestock is the equivalent of business insurance that owners and operators carry. The loss of livestock is the loss of your livelihood. So why would you not cover the potential loss with a good insurance policy. Companies like the Ark Agency can set you up with a livestock mortality insurance policy that will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your source of income is protected should the unexpected happen.

Livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats and hogs can usually be insured. You can get coverage with either a full mortality and theft policy or a limited mortality insurance policy. A full policy will cover the death of an animal that is caused or made necessary by natural as well as accidental causes. Coverage applies while the animal is in either the continental United States or Canada. These policies also cover theft. Animals must be in good health and under a certain age to qualify.
Animals that do not qualify for coverage under a full mortality policy may qualify for a limited mortality policy. These policies cover the loss if the animal’s death was caused by one of several listed perils. Examples of these perils include things like lightning, fire, storms, and traffic accidents occurring while the animal is in transit. These policies may also include electrocution, being struck by falling buildings, attacks by wild animals and theft. When theft is involved, it may not be necessary to prove the animal has died, only that it was stolen.

If your source of income depends on the welfare of your livestock, you might want to look into a policy that is customized for your particular needs. Just like with any other business, it only makes good sense to be covered in the event of an unexpected loss.

5 Tips for a Happier, Healthier Dog

Has Fido lost some of his spark? Or is your new puppy having accidents everywhere and chewing your furniture to bits? Whatever your reasons for looking for dog advice, here are just a few tips for making your fuzzy friend calmer, happier and better-behaved.

1. Use Positive Reinforcement

Instead of punishing your dog for bad behavior, try rewarding him for good behavior. For example, instead of yelling at him every time he barks, give him a treat when he doesn’t bark. This will create a Pavlovian reaction where he associates good behavior with good results.

2. Be Firm

If he isn’t allowed on the couch, don’t ever let him on the couch. Don’t make exceptions because “it’s his birthday” or “I had a long afternoon at the office and don’t care right now.” He won’t understand your logic, and if you send him mixed signals about what is and isn’t acceptable to do, you’ll only confuse and aggravate him.

3. Get Him Moving

Physical activity is one of the cornerstones of raising a happy dog. They aren’t meant to laze around all day without exercise or mental stimulation, and if you let them get in the habit of it, they’ll deteriorate both physically and psychologically. Grab his leash and take him for a walk.

4. Buy the Right Food

Don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to what your dog gets fed. Look for something healthy, organic and nutritious that will really support his bones and organs. You can also buy supplements like dog glucosamine if you want to boost particular areas like the heart or liver. Just make sure you talk to your vet before putting your dog on any particular regimen!

5. Socialize Him

Socialization is important if you don’t want your dog to bark, growl or jump on everyone in front of him. When people are exciting novelties, your dog won’t be able to contain his thrill; when they’re just another part of the scenery, however, he’ll be calm and content to let them walk by without an ostentatious display. Think about scheduling regular visits to the dog park.

These are just a few things to consider if you want to improve your dog’s general health and well-being. There are many more, of course, but these should be enough to get you started. Woof woof!

Living With A Disability

The aftermath of a car accident is normally fatal depending on the extent of the injury. So many people have lost their lives while others amputated as part of the devastating effects of such accidents. Things become even more painful if you are a survivor and you have to live with disability simply because of negligence, ignorance and incompetence of a particular driver. Even though financial compensation is not always the best remedy for such victims, it acts as a suitable way of ensuring that their lives are not affected due to the effects of car accident. This is why so many people file for head injury claims when they sustain severe head injuries as a result of the car accident.

As you try to live with disability after a car accident, it is always good to ensure that your legal rights are respected. This can be achieved by hiring personal injury solicitors to help you in filing for head injury claims. Such an injury can lead to brain damage, coma, deafness or blindness and it is always sad to realise that all these could have been avoided if the accused was extra careful while driving.

The personal injury solicitor helps you deal with the head injury by ensuring that you are compensated for any type of loss that came to existence due to the car accident. This solicitor will help you in carrying out investigations, overseeing your rehabilitation process, assessing the severity of that particular injury, reviewing the recovery progress, calculating the right compensation for you and finally, presenting a strong case in court against the accused. During this process, the solicitor will always ensure that all details are confidential.

These solicitors normally come in at a time when you are almost losing hope for a better future. They also play a crucial role in fighting for your rights especially when the head injury does not allow you to move from office to office as you try to seek justice. Whether it is you or your loved one who has been affected, you can always trust a personal injury solicitor to file head injury claims with the major aim of securing the best compensation for the future of the victim.