Sometimes life doesn’t just feel hard. Sometimes it’s hard on the skin. Unsightly wrinkles and age spots detract from your youthful, desired appearance. If you’re starting to notice discoloration or fine lines, take action quickly. You may be able to slow down the process and possibly reverse some of the damage. Try the following techniques.

1. Keep Up With Your Regular Checkups

Annual visits to your primary doctor and your gynecologist are important for several reasons. One vital aspect is to catch changes in your body’s function. Metabolism, hydration and nutrient levels may impact your skin’s elasticity and moisture. The thyroid and hormone levels particularly could impact your complexion, dictating excess breakouts, dryness or oiliness. 

Yearly bloodwork could catch these issues, allowing your doctors to assist in healing your body and restoring your look.

2. Splurge on Skin Care

Professionals understand how to eradicate those wrinkles creeping up on the forehead or the extra dark spots around the eyes. Look for specialists in esthetic treatments Chicago IL to locate a service that benefits you. 

3. Eat Clean

The stomach and skin could be connected. Try to remove processed foods from your diet. The grease and sugar could be playing with your hormones and oil levels. Try to stick to a low-fat diet filled with whole foods.

4. Moisturize Regularly

When moisture is gone, the skin dries up. Apply a moisturizer daily, both at night and in the morning. If that isn’t enough, look for a vitamin C serum. Some studies indicate that the nutrient may improve shine and diminish signs of aging.

Accept your age. The number isn’t important. But just because you learn to like the number doesn’t mean you have to embrace the aging that comes with it. With proper care and collaboration from the proper professionals, you may continue to look younger than you are.