Owning a medical practice can be quite lucrative – if you have patients coming in the door each day. However, many people don’t realize that medical professionals do compete for business and not every doctor just gets patients streaming through the exam room all day. While being a doctor is certainly a good profession, it doesn’t guarantee income, especially if you’re running your own practice. After all, there are quite a few expenses to pay, and a slow practice will basically hemorrhage money.

If you need more patients, use this guide and learn more here to help you get them as soon as you possibly can.

1. Talk to other doctors and medical professionals in your area and ask for referrals. You won’t want to talk with professionals that do the same thing as you, but a podiatrist could easily recommend a chiropractor or vice versa. After all, you don’t do the same thing, so there’s no overlap and a referral just makes sense.

2. Use social media to promote yourself. You don’t want to just appear like you’re looking for work, so make sure you provide useful information. Basic medical advice that relates to large groups of people – like how to relieve neck or foot pain – can help you get more people through your doors. Just make sure you include your contact information in each post.

3. Start a blog and update it regularly. Make sure each blog post contains your contact information as well.