Your mind, body and soul all contribute to your well-being. Naturopathic medicine aims to aid in addressing all these aspects of a person. This medical treatment system uses nutrition, exercise, herbs, acupuncture and massage to assist your body in healing itself.

Modern naturopathic medicine is used to treat an array of health issues. One common issue treated today is obesity. About 36% of adults have an obesity problem. Unfortunately, obesity can cause a myriad of other medical problems. Because of this, it is critical to find obesity treatment. Find Burien WA naturopathic treatments to help.

As with all medical issues, a naturopath will do a workup to determine if there is an underlying issue causing obesity. Your doctor will look for the underlying issue and not just treat the symptom. However, there are several areas the naturopath will cover to assist you in gaining control of your weight.


Using herbs is a treatment method used by naturopaths. Ginger is commonly used to help with obesity. It is said to improve circulation and lower bad cholesterol. In addition, fennel can help you eliminate water and can reduce hunger. Typically fennel is consumed as tea. Cinnamon is another herb used. It can help burn fat and can lower bad cholesterol.

Emotional Health

Obese individuals tend to develop depression, but depressed individuals also have a high likelihood of becoming obese. Mental health plays a large part in our physical health. Naturopathy can help manage your mental health, which can then help with obesity.

Nutrition and Exercise

Food is treated like medicine in naturopathic medicine. The right foods for your body will be suggested and might include things like raw fruits and vegetables to retain the most nutrients. A protein-rich and low-carb diet might be suggested. Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle that is also used in naturopathic treatment. Moving your body will help with obesity but also many other illnesses.

These are just a few treatment options that a naturopathic doctor might use. Treating the whole person and not just a symptom is a great way to become and remain healthy.