It is common when we suffer from acne on our face. Acne will start to shows up when you are already reaching the mature age. Teenager are an easy target for acne to grow up. Most of the teenager will have sudden spikes on their hormone, leaving them unprotected from the swarm of acne. When their hormones started to rise up, they oil glands will start to produce natural oil. When the oil glands is closed by some bacterial stuff, it will make some mess on your skin. Acne will not only show up on your face, but there is Back Acne or known also as Bacne. This Back Acne also will show you some acne spot on back of your body.

Back acne cases

It may not attract people’s attention when acne is occurs on your back. However, if there is one case that you are staying nearby on some beaches, there might be at least once a week that you want to visit there. Visiting beach using full clothing is not comfortable; at least some open dressing will play its part. When you use the open dress, then it will show some part of your back that is suffering from back acne.

On mild cases, the back acne may not cause any pain at all it will only show some reddish spot on your back. There are also some acne spot with the black color or known blackheads. However, on some cases if your mild back acne is not well treated, it can change into a different stage of evolution. On severe cases, it may start to show some pus-filled cysts. This type of acne is need a well-placed treatment. Leaving them on your hand, may leave some other infections, because if its bursts open, it can spread easily to other part of your skin tissue.