Cervical and lumbar spondylosis are orthopedic conditions that result from the degeneration of the spine. Curvatures and wear on discs that worsen with age cause arthritic damage to the spine. Symptoms can vary significantly among individuals who experience this common age-related condition. If symptoms cause persistent pain, it may be necessary to pursue effective treatment to improve pain levels.

Try Injection Therapy

Some of the pain that people experience from spondylosis may be treatable with injection therapy. In many cases, an injection of lidocaine directly into an affected area can interrupt the transmission of nerve pain signals. These injections offer temporary relief. However, if a pain management specialist can isolate a specific area of nerves that consistently benefits from this form of treatment, it may be possible to forge a longer lasting solution that interrupts nerve pain.

Mitigate the Effects of Inflammation With Medication

Most over-the-counter medicines that people use to treat inflammation associated with spondylosis are not intended for long-term use. In fact, prolonged use of NSAIDs could cause permanent damage to your liver or digestive system. A pain management physician can advise you about the potential drawbacks of oral anti-inflammatory medications. A prescription anti-inflammatory medication may be safer for longer use than common drugstore remedies. You can schedule an appointment at a pain clinic St Augustine FL to review your current medication regimen and discuss exploring alternatives which may offer safer or more effective relief.

Be Conscientious About Your Diet

The foods that people eat can play a key role in their overall health, and this is certainly true of medical conditions involving chronic inflammation such as spondylosis. Try to limit your intake of hydrogenated seed oils, and reduce your consumption of red meat.

While cervical and lumbar spondylosis can often be the result of age-related degeneration, you are not powerless to treat it. One or more treatment options could provide you with sorely needed relief.