Everyone has a dream physique that they would love to achieve, but few have the motivation to make it happen. If you are tired of dreaming of a better body and better health, here are a few ways to motivate yourself to accomplish that physique you’ve dreamt of. Make a Vision Board, or Write Down Exactly What You Want

Health & Fitness Wise, What is your health and fitness goals? What are your body goals? Do you want bigger biceps and a stellar six-pack of visible abs? Do you want to be able to run a mile or two without stopping for a breather?Make a two-sided health and fitness list. Or, better yet, create a vision board with inspirational quotes, words, and motivational pictures to inspire you to achieve your goals.

Toy with New Recipes and Find Healthy Foods That You LOVE to Eat Don’t be afraid to try new recipes. Research your macronutrient needs and calories, then find recipes that fit with what your body needs and what your taste buds crave. There is almost always a healthier version of a classic food that you love. You can also experiment with new, healthy foods. For example, go down the alphabet and try a new vegetable or fruit for every letter. That’s a fun way to find healthier things that you love to eat.

Keep a Journal of Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Fit Goals from One Day to the Next Sugar and excess carbs can wreak havoc on your body. Ergo, when you start to eliminate some things towards a healthier version of yourself, you can experience negative, flu-like side effects until your body rights itself. Keep a journal of how you feel physically and mentally. This will help you gauge which foods and fitness practices are best for your body and mind.

Set Rewards for Your Fitness Goals, and Make Those Rewards Things That You Really Want. Do you want a new tattoo? Do you want to take a vacation to the beach? Or, would you simply be happy with a new book and time to relax at home with no obligations? Make the things you want into fitness goals. These could be your rewards; your incentives to work hard and take pride in your accomplishments in tangible ways. Think of these systems as designs for health.