As a laser technician, you may often here the question, “How does it work?” Understandably, there may be confusion surrounding the word “laser” since the word has multiple applications. Lasers are used in movies and science fiction books as weapons, and also in military applications. The laser technician should be readily available to clarify the details of their laser treatments.

Putting the Customer at Ease

The key to quelling the fears of a client is answering all questions with clarity and empathy. Let the client know what effect the laser will have on the skin and hair follicle. Assure your client that the laser is so precise that the skin and muscle tissue will not be damaged. You might even want to use visuals such as diagrams and Powerpoint slides to illustrate the concepts.

Relieving the Fear of Pain

When a client asks, “How does laser hair removal work?” they’re often asking “Will this hurt?” This is a good time for the laser technician to explain that the pain of laser hair removal is minimal. If a client is very fearful, you can always apply a topical anesthetic before treatment.

It is also helpful to offer apprehensive clients a comparison with other hair removal methods. This will convince them that they’re making the right choice, and put them at ease about the procedure. You could also share your own personal stories of laser hair removal. For more helpful tips for laser technicians, click here.