Have you ever been at work or passed by an outside worksite that had a cloud of dust around it? It doesn’t feel good to walk through all that dust and you may be wondering what harm it could be doing to your lungs or other parts of the body. Some jobs don’t have the option of being dust-free, so you must instead look at ways you can limit the spreading of dust.

When completing work that may stir up dust, it’s important to keep it contained to as small of an area as possible. Putting barriers around the site will help others outside the area from being inundated, but it’s also important for workers to feel safe as well. Humidification nozzles can benefit not only the general public but also employees within a worksite.

Prevent Disease

Dust doesn’t only damage your respiratory system, but the cardiovascular one as well. When the dust particles are large they may irritate your eyes, nose, and mouth. Smaller particles can get further into your body and enter your bloodstream and lungs. It’s not just chemicals or man-made products that are a potential concern in the dust cloud, but also naturally occurring ones such as minerals or viruses. When you use humidification nozzles to suppress the dust, you are limiting the number of particles that can enter a person’s body and do damage.

Prevent Fugitive Dust

As dust gets stirred up, the particles can hover and travel far distances. When dust is agitated and suspended in the air, it can lower the air quality and cause fugitive dust. It is more beneficial to use a humidification nozzle to prevent fugitive dust from occurring in the first place, than potentially causing a dust cloud or dust storm to form.

As you can see, it can be very helpful to limit as much dust as you can through the use of humidification nozzles. Dust doesn’t have to be a major concern when the proper care is taken.