Medical debt is one of the most crushing financial problems for people throughout America today. Part of this is due to rising healthcare costs and the complexity of health care treatments. Medical debts are also be a significant problem in America because as a nation a larger percentage of the population is aging. But no matter what the reason is, for those people who are dealing with significant medical debt the unexpected costs can be a real problem. In fact, medical debt is one of the primary reasons people file for bankruptcy in America today.

For many people the question arises as to whether Obamacare will help or hurt their medical debt and medical expenses. The answer to this question is a complex one. For those people with no medical insurance, or those who cannot get insurance readily because of a pre-existing condition, Obamacare will certainly help with medical debts. However, for those people who already have health insurance their medical debts will increase because of some of the mandates and because health care costs in general are set to increase.

Additionally, for people who do not presently carry health insurance and cannot afford medical coverage, or for those who do not need any primary medical coverage other than major medical because of their young age or good health, Obamacare will actually significantly increase their medical debt. This will apply to millions of Americans.

While there will be some benefits for the uninsured and those people who have insufficient coverage because of their high risk status, the Obamacare mandate will force people who do not have any coverage, those who lack sufficient coverage, and those who cannot afford coverage, to pay for either a new insurance premium or pay a tax penalty for failing to keep health insurance coverage.

In addition, medical care debt will increase for another substantial category of people. It will affect many employers a great deal. This is true especially for the smaller companies who often struggle in this economy to make ends meet. For these people this medical debt will be potentially devastating. In these cases, the smaller companies will either have to reduce employee work hours to avoid the mandates, reduce their amount of employees, or potentially close their doors after the Obamacare mandates take affect if the burden of providing their employees with healthcare becomes to costly.

So while there are those people who will benefit by Obamacare by reducing their medical debts, there is an overall increase in medical debts for the vast majority of Americans because of Obamacare. In addition, the cost of healthcare will increase as healthcare providers attempt to offset their losses under the new billing and cost of care mandates.

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