Why Does My House Stink?

Unless it’s a brand-new assault to the nostrils, you really need to ask an honest friend whether your house smells bad. As residents, you get accustomed to smells over time, so you may not even be aware of odors. If you notice friends wrinkling their noses just a bit when they walk through your door, ask why. It’s better to know and correct the problem then to wonder why no one wants to visit you.


Dogs and cats (and ferrets and rabbits) shed hair and dander constantly. Over time, these little stink bombs build up. The best way to keep your house smelling fresh is to wash your pets and their bedding frequently. Do not allow them on the furniture, but if you feel you must, get upholstery cleaning Oshkosh WI at least once a year and lay a thick blanket over chairs and sofas (hair and dirt will fall right through the looser weave of sheets). Vacuum daily.


Stinky trash cans seem easy enough to fix – just take the trash out. Sometimes, however, leaks and spills inside the can itself are the odor-carrying culprits. Every six weeks or so, wash the actual cans with a warm, soapy water solution with a bit of bleach added. An expert trick is to keep two kitchen garbage cans, including a small one for smelly food waste that gets emptied each night.


If you shower at night, it’s okay to keep the same sheets on your bed for two weeks because you climb into them clean. If you shower in the morning, it’s best to get fresh linen every week. Oil, dirt and sweat rubbed into the sheets each night by your sleeping body is enough to make your bed a little ripe.

If after making these adjustments, your house still smells bad, consider the possibility that you may have a dead animal trapped in your walls. Unfortunately, if that is the source of the smell, you may just have to bide your time and use plenty of air freshener until it dissipates.


How to Serve Healthy Meals Favored by Kids

Kids are mostly picky when it comes to food. Once they feel like the taste of the food is weird for them, then they would never eat it again even though it is healthy food. Besides, kids are also more encouraged to eat something that looks fun and interesting with nice colors and shapes. If you want your kids to eat healthy meals, ensure to follow some creative ideas below for healthy meals that your kids will ask for more.

6 healthy meals ideas to cook for kids

The 6 healthy meals ideas to cook for kids below are very easy to make and the kids would surely love it!

Broccoli Cheesy Bread

Broccoli is one of the most favorite veggies for kids. Instead of having plain boiled broccoli on the kid’s plate, why not cooking for another creative and tasty recipe? Broccoli cheesy bread is a perfect combination of healthy ingredients that will be favored by your kids. 

Donut Apples

Donut Apples

If your kids happen to dislike eating fruits, you may need to find a nice recipe that could make fruits delicious for kids. The donut apple is one of them. What you have to do is merely cut the apple into slices and make a hole in the middle so it looks like an apple. Then, spread jam on it. as a finishing, you may add some colorful sprinkles to attract the kids so they would eat it right away.

Salmon nuggets and zucchini chips 

They are also cases when kids are not eager to eat fish. Instead, they prefer to eat chicken nuggets or eggs all the time. To deal with this type of kid, you should introduce them to fish in a fun way that is pretty similar to their favored meals. For instance, the salmon nuggets are worth to try. To add veggies to it, try to cut zucchini into thin slices and cook into zucchini chips. Both are the best combo meals to serve for kids!

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Cauliflower shrimp fried rice

To introduce kids to low-carb rice, you may begin with the cauliflower shrimp fried rice as the homemade dinner meal. Moreover, you may add more veggies to the meals and they are very tasty and worth serving to your beloved family.

Mini Pepper Pizza 

Mini Pepper Pizza

Instead of the usual bread crust pizza, you may change it with halves of pepper yet the topping is still similar to the usual pizza. The colorful peppers will make this mini pepper pizza even more entertaining and it would make your kids try to eat and they’ll finish them all!

Chicken stir fry with homemade teriyaki sauce

While cooking chicken stir fry, instead of fried chicken, you may change it into baked. Also, don’t forget to add some more favorable veggies and homemade teriyaki sauce for perfect healthy meals for kids.

Based on the six incredible recipes above, which healthy meals you want to try with your kids? Those meals are the best way to introduce your kids to healthy food.


5 Ways Kindness Is Good for Your Health

You have probably heard of the Golden Rule that promotes treating others the way you would like to be treated. But did you know that being kind to others benefits you as well? Science has discovered many ways in which your own health will improve when you spread kindness.

1. Relieves Anxiety

When you look for ways to help others, your mood improves. You take your mind off of your troubles by seeing the needs of others and responding to them. This increases your positive affect, or PA, which involves your feelings of happiness and interest.

2. Protects Your Heart

That wonderful feeling you get when you help someone is a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is responsible for the release of nitric oxide into your blood. Nitric oxide protects your heart by lowering blood pressure, which makes for a healthier heart.

3. Keeps You Healthy

People who volunteer are less likely to have inflammation in their bodies. The oxytocin that is released through kindness acts on inflammation to lessen its physical effects, which means a healthier you.

4. Helps You Feel Good

Serotonin is released in your body when you do something for someone else. This creates more than just a feeling. The powerful neurotransmitter lowers depression and sends endorphins to your brain, which gives you an emotional high.

5. Lowers Stress

Showing kindness gives your body a break from cortisol, which is the stress hormone. In fact, as a perpetually kind person, you may experience consistently lower cortisol levels, which has a side benefit of slowing down the aging process. You will also likely be able to cope with your own stressful situations better after helping someone else.

Researchers have discovered many empirical reasons to be kind. Spread some kindness today and take note of how it helps your body and your emotions.


The Healthy Snacks to Grab on Busy Days

For the productive ages, they often forget to take care of their body and health due to the tight schedules, deadlines, and other busy things at work. They are supposed to consume healthy food daily with a proper portion to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For those who only have limited time in preparing healthy food, you may try some healthy snack ideas written below and keep your healthy consumption on balance!

9 healthy snacks to eat on busy days

Take a look at 9 kinds of healthy snacks below that are not only tasty but also easy to make during busy days.

Mixed nuts

Nuts are rich in healthy proteins. Besides, they are very easy to bring and you may also munch them anytime you feel like to eat. Pistachios, almonds, and cashews are some recommended nuts to mix into your nuts storage and always have it with you to eat during busy days at work.

Protein Bars

Protein Bars

If you prefer to eat protein bars, ensure to choose the whole-grain ones. It contains less sugar and more protein. Thus, ensure to read the ingredients list carefully to find out the best protein bars to eat.

Low-fat milk

For those who have no time even to eat breakfast, try to drink a cup of low-fat milk in the morning to boost energy and to provide a great amount of protein into your muscles. 

String cheese and hard-boiled egg

String cheese and hard-boiled egg are other incredible healthy snacks you should try! Place them in your healthy snacks container and add more healthy ingredients such as nuts and pieces of apples or other favored fruits. 

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Greek yogurt with berries

Greek yogurt with berries

After having such a tiring day, you may need something to refresh and cool down your mind. One of the best healthy snacks to grab is the greek yogurt topped with berries or nuts. It will instantly freshen your body and provide healthy protein.

Roasted chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are not only tasty but are also very easy to make. Moreover, if you prefer a spicy flavor, you may add some spices while roasting the chickpeas. 

Healthy mini wrap

With whatever is left on your refrigerator, you may create a healthy mini wrap that contains salad and your preferred protein source, such as chicken, egg, or tuna.


For those who like to combine the fruits and blend them into one, then consider creating smoothies for your healthy snacks. Easy preparation and healthy ingredients make it one of the best healthy snacks to try!

Apple and butter

If you need something sweet and savory at the same time, try this apple and butter snack. Merely cut the apple into halves and spread peanut butter on top!

The healthy snacks mentioned above are very easy to make and they fit those who always have busy days working. So, now, you don’t have to worry about not getting enough healthy consumption because of some healthy snack ideas written above.