3 Tips to Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

Your smile should help you make a winning impression. Show off your best smile with these three simple tips to keep your smile looking great.

1. Wear a Nightguard

Despite all of your best efforts to keep your teeth looking great with attentive oral care and hygiene, you may still be your smile’s worst enemy. Tens of millions of Americans clench and grind their teeth while they sleep. This condition called “bruxism” can cause serious damage to your teeth over time. If your teeth show more signs of chipping or cracking than usually or you’re continually breaking restorative dental work, you may have a problem with bruxism. Wearing a nightguard can help protect your teeth from serious damage.

2. Wear Teeth Aligners

Your teeth can come out of alignment over time, even if you’ve already had orthodontic treatment at some point. In fact, bruxism can cause teeth to shift out of alignment. Wearing teeth aligners is a convenient way to straighten your teeth, and they can also help to safeguard your teeth against damage caused by clenching and grinding. If you need help with clear teeth aligners Miami Beach FL, reach out to a provider who is experienced in this form of orthodontic treatment.

3. Protect Your Lips From the Sun

Almost everyone remembers the importance of wearing sunscreen or sunblock to shield skin against damage from UV rays, but not everyone gives their lips this same necessary level of attention. However, your lips are especially vulnerable to sun damage because they’re continually exposed to UV rays when you’re outdoors. Also, the outer surface of your lips is particularly thin and sensitive. Make it a point to wear lip balm that offers UV protection. It will offer vital protection against drying and cracking, and it is effective in protecting your lips against long term UV ray damage. 


3 Common Mouth Infections To Be Aware Of

Dental care is something that many people put off for too long. Fear of dentists and time constraints with other aspects of life can keep one from seeking necessary care. However, oral infections can be serious and should be treated sooner rather than later. Consider these three mouth infections Rockaway Beach NY, and determine if it is time for you to seek dental care.

1. Gum Disease

Gum disease can be a silent condition. A patient may already have advanced stages of the disease before any real symptoms are present. Sore gums and bleeding when brushing are often some of the first warning signs. Regular dental cleanings are a good way to prevent this, as well as meticulous home hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing are essential for gum health.

2. Tooth Decay

Cavities are a problem that many patients face. This is a dental infection, and the bacteria that cause cavities can spread from one tooth to another. Cavities cannot cure themselves, so early intervention is key. Fillings are the least invasive form of treatment. However, if the cavities are not treated in time, the tooth can become more infected and eventually need a crown or root canal.

3. Oral Cancer

Patients who avoid the dentist may not be having oral cancer screenings as often as needed. At each routine visit, the dentist should check the tongue, cheeks and other oral tissues for any suspicious lesions. If a patient notices any unusual sores or lumps in the mouth, he or she should see a dentist immediately. Oral cancers can be serious and fast-growing, so early detection is essential.

Oral health is an important part of overall health. If you have been putting off dental visits, now is the time to commit to taking better care of yourself. Contact a dentist today to set up a consultation for any necessary treatment.


5 Important Facts About Cavities

From childhood, you probably heard not to eat too many sweets. After all, all of that sugar could cause unwanted cavities within your teeth enamel. It’s true that the sweet stuff isn’t great, and too much of it could lead to surface damage. Holes start in the teeth. If permitted to linger, issues exacerbate, possibly leading to undesirable pain and infection. Here are five facts to understand.   

1. They Can Cause Discomfort

When the openings get large, they can expose the nerve. Irritation can set in at this time, allowing a strange sensation when you bite down. Should bacteria settle in the area, you may see inflammation as well.

2. Location Matters

Flossing all teeth could help ward off problems. The back molars, though, should get particular attention. Chewing often occurs in this section; thus, particles can get stuck and plaque may continue to build. The string assists in pulling out food. In addition, it loosens the mineral deposits.

3. Medical Conditions May Encourage Development

While donuts and cookies certainly contribute to complications, there are other reasons people may develop this condition. Acid reflux, dry mouth and eating disorders also affect your enamel. The first, for instance, occurs when your stomach acid rises through the esophagus, attacking the mouth. This destroys the tooth’s material. To avoid this, watch your intake of acidic drinks. The other afflictions work in similar fashion. Keep your mouth moist and brush often.

4. X-rays Can Reveal Early Growths

Regular cleanings help to remove deposits. You’ll also want to locate a place such as Deerfield Dental services that encourages routine x-rays checks. The images permit the doctors to diagnosis early developments, hopefully avoiding intense and costly care.

5. Composite Fillings Could Hide Your Dental Flaws

If you’re concerned that gold and silver might leave your smile blemished, those worries are no longer needed. Dentists can fill these spots with a substance that matches the tooth’s coloring.

This is a common ailment for all ages. Be aware of likely contributors, limit exposure to those factors and stay on top of maintenance visits.


Food to Avoid for Dental Care

There is a popular term that says you are what you eat. Presumably, the term is definitely true because what is eaten by humans can be reflected in the condition of their body. For some people who like sweet foods, cavities and sensitive teeth are problems that they often face if they really like enjoying sweet foods but are lazy for dental care. If you are one of those who have problems with sensitive teeth, there are several foods that you should avoid to prevent more severe problems. Read this article if you are curious to find out more.

The first food that should be avoided is the sugary food course. One thing to know, when you eat sweet foods, you not only give food to your body but to the bacteria that is in your mouth. Later, it will cause damage to your teeth, growing plaque, and cavities. In addition, candy which is one of the sugary foods also contains acids that can damage tooth enamel due to the acidic nature that can attack teeth.

The second food which can cause harm to your teeth is sticky food. Because of its texture, it will stay longer on your teeth which means it can cause decay as it stays long enough inside your mouth. It will more likely stay in your teeth even after your brush your teeth due to its texture. If you are a fan of sticky food, then try to eat less frequent as you always do because the problem is actually not what you are eating but how frequent you are when eating it.

Coffee is also one of the kind of drink which can help especially workers to start their morning or to make them stay up late. It is definitely something that could not be resisted because they need it. Coffee and tea contain caffeine which can stain your teeth and make your teeth go yellow. It may affect your performance as you will feel less confident when you speak. Try to drink more water when you just had enough coffee and brush your teeth regularly.

In conclusion, what you are eating matter to your body especially if you have sensitive teeth and cavities. You should do dental care more and avoid certain kind of foods to prevent more severe problems to your teeth. However, if you are stubborn enough to still consume it, then you should take care more of your teeth than others do so you will not experience any toothaches.