How to Serve Healthy Meals Favored by Kids

Kids are mostly picky when it comes to food. Once they feel like the taste of the food is weird for them, then they would never eat it again even though it is healthy food. Besides, kids are also more encouraged to eat something that looks fun and interesting with nice colors and shapes. If you want your kids to eat healthy meals, ensure to follow some creative ideas below for healthy meals that your kids will ask for more.

6 healthy meals ideas to cook for kids

The 6 healthy meals ideas to cook for kids below are very easy to make and the kids would surely love it!

Broccoli Cheesy Bread

Broccoli is one of the most favorite veggies for kids. Instead of having plain boiled broccoli on the kid’s plate, why not cooking for another creative and tasty recipe? Broccoli cheesy bread is a perfect combination of healthy ingredients that will be favored by your kids. 

Donut Apples

Donut Apples

If your kids happen to dislike eating fruits, you may need to find a nice recipe that could make fruits delicious for kids. The donut apple is one of them. What you have to do is merely cut the apple into slices and make a hole in the middle so it looks like an apple. Then, spread jam on it. as a finishing, you may add some colorful sprinkles to attract the kids so they would eat it right away.

Salmon nuggets and zucchini chips 

They are also cases when kids are not eager to eat fish. Instead, they prefer to eat chicken nuggets or eggs all the time. To deal with this type of kid, you should introduce them to fish in a fun way that is pretty similar to their favored meals. For instance, the salmon nuggets are worth to try. To add veggies to it, try to cut zucchini into thin slices and cook into zucchini chips. Both are the best combo meals to serve for kids!

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Cauliflower shrimp fried rice

To introduce kids to low-carb rice, you may begin with the cauliflower shrimp fried rice as the homemade dinner meal. Moreover, you may add more veggies to the meals and they are very tasty and worth serving to your beloved family.

Mini Pepper Pizza 

Mini Pepper Pizza

Instead of the usual bread crust pizza, you may change it with halves of pepper yet the topping is still similar to the usual pizza. The colorful peppers will make this mini pepper pizza even more entertaining and it would make your kids try to eat and they’ll finish them all!

Chicken stir fry with homemade teriyaki sauce

While cooking chicken stir fry, instead of fried chicken, you may change it into baked. Also, don’t forget to add some more favorable veggies and homemade teriyaki sauce for perfect healthy meals for kids.

Based on the six incredible recipes above, which healthy meals you want to try with your kids? Those meals are the best way to introduce your kids to healthy food.


The Healthy Snacks to Grab on Busy Days

For the productive ages, they often forget to take care of their body and health due to the tight schedules, deadlines, and other busy things at work. They are supposed to consume healthy food daily with a proper portion to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For those who only have limited time in preparing healthy food, you may try some healthy snack ideas written below and keep your healthy consumption on balance!

9 healthy snacks to eat on busy days

Take a look at 9 kinds of healthy snacks below that are not only tasty but also easy to make during busy days.

Mixed nuts

Nuts are rich in healthy proteins. Besides, they are very easy to bring and you may also munch them anytime you feel like to eat. Pistachios, almonds, and cashews are some recommended nuts to mix into your nuts storage and always have it with you to eat during busy days at work.

Protein Bars

Protein Bars

If you prefer to eat protein bars, ensure to choose the whole-grain ones. It contains less sugar and more protein. Thus, ensure to read the ingredients list carefully to find out the best protein bars to eat.

Low-fat milk

For those who have no time even to eat breakfast, try to drink a cup of low-fat milk in the morning to boost energy and to provide a great amount of protein into your muscles. 

String cheese and hard-boiled egg

String cheese and hard-boiled egg are other incredible healthy snacks you should try! Place them in your healthy snacks container and add more healthy ingredients such as nuts and pieces of apples or other favored fruits. 

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Greek yogurt with berries

Greek yogurt with berries

After having such a tiring day, you may need something to refresh and cool down your mind. One of the best healthy snacks to grab is the greek yogurt topped with berries or nuts. It will instantly freshen your body and provide healthy protein.

Roasted chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are not only tasty but are also very easy to make. Moreover, if you prefer a spicy flavor, you may add some spices while roasting the chickpeas. 

Healthy mini wrap

With whatever is left on your refrigerator, you may create a healthy mini wrap that contains salad and your preferred protein source, such as chicken, egg, or tuna.


For those who like to combine the fruits and blend them into one, then consider creating smoothies for your healthy snacks. Easy preparation and healthy ingredients make it one of the best healthy snacks to try!

Apple and butter

If you need something sweet and savory at the same time, try this apple and butter snack. Merely cut the apple into halves and spread peanut butter on top!

The healthy snacks mentioned above are very easy to make and they fit those who always have busy days working. So, now, you don’t have to worry about not getting enough healthy consumption because of some healthy snack ideas written above.


10 Healthy Snacks for A Healthier Life

To maintain a healthy life, there are several habits you need to apply, such as do the daily exercising, maintain your sleeping schedule as well as food consumption. If you love to eat snacks, then ensure that those are healthy snacks instead of junk food. By consuming healthy snacks, you can improve a healthier life habit, and apparently, they also taste as good as the typical snacks. Find out more about the snacks through the article below. 

Kinds of Healthy Snacks for A Healthier Life

To ensure that you live a healthy life, you have to eat less junk food snacks and more healthy snacks. There are some healthy snacks you can try at home. 

Crunchy nuts

One of the easiest ways to eat healthy snacks is by grabbing at some crunchy nuts. Some of the recommended good-for-health nuts are almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, etc. ensure you take the right amount of nuts as they also contain high calories. 

Crunchy fruits/veggies

Crunchy fruits/veggies

Are you looking for other healthy crunchy snacks aside from nuts? You may use crunchy fruits or veggies, such as apples, broccoli or cauliflowers, sticks of zucchini, carrots, roasted chickpeas, etc. 

Healthy Milkshake

Besides food, you can also turn your healthy snacks into a one-go drink, such as milkshake. Consider mixing your favorite fruit to add to the milkshake with low-fat milk and prevent to use sugary ingredients into your milkshake. 

Grain toast

Whole-grain toast is best for breakfast. Besides, it is also an excellent snack that you can combine with low-sugar jam. It is very easy to make and contains high nutrition. 

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Homemade low-fat cookies

Homemade low-fat cookies

If you are fond of baking cookies for snacks, from now on, try to change the recipes using healthier ingredients so that you still be able to munch on your favorite homemade cookies.

Fat-free yogurt

If you love yogurt, before you buy the products, take a look at the ingredients list, and ensure that it is made of fat-free ingredients for healthier drinks. 


If you need the feeling of fullness after grabbing on your snacks, you can try to have your recipes of smoothies combining healthy and fresh fruits with low-fat milk, low-sugar ice cream, or yogurt. 

Unsweetened dried fruits

When you think you need to prepare light and easy-to-eat snacks, you can try some unsweetened dried fruits like dates, raisins, figs, etc. they contain their natural sugar, so you need to adjust the right portion to keep it healthy. 

Mixed Juice

Do you have any favorite fruits and veggies? Then why don’t you combine them and create your mixed juice as healthy snacks? Consider not using additional sugar by adding naturally sweet fruits, such as a banana.

Tortilla Chips

One of the healthy chips you can munch is the tortilla chips made of finely baked corn. 

Those are ten kinds of healthy snacks you can munch to maintain your healthy daily consumption. Ensure you adjust the snacks’ right portion and prevent eating snacks while doing other jobs (watching movies, working, etc.). 


Simple Workouts to Do at Home for Beginners

There are many reasons people do workouts, some because they want to have a fit body, some others just because they want to keep their body healthy. If you find it difficult to make a schedule in a gym or with a professional instructor, yet you wish to keep your body in a healthy state, then you can follow some simple workouts to do at home. In the article below, you will find kinds of exercises suitable for you and how to do them. 

Simple Workouts for Beginners to Do at Home

Here are some simple workouts you can follow, including how to do them and what can benefit you if you do exercises daily. 



You may start from the basic, which is sit-ups. To start your workout routine, you may do around 20 sit-ups. While doing sit-ups, ensure you don’t use any assistance from other people or put your feet under the chair. 


After sit-ups, you may continue with crunches. It is quite similar to sit-ups. However, doing crunches affect into deeper abdominal muscles. Three sets of twenty crunches may do. 


Still with a similar position, but you need to lie down with feet up in the air and knees bent down. Then, try to move your legs as if you are riding a bicycle. You can do this for around 1 minute.



You can do planks position with the elbows down. So you rest your body on your elbows and toes. Ensure your legs and back are straight and try to hold it or a minute. 

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Then, you can do jumping for a minute for the cardio workouts, and while jumping, you have to put your hands or raise it over your head. 


After having a warm-out jump, you may continue with a more massive jumping workout to stimulate your heart rate. There are two steps to do for burpees. First, you need to do a perfect position of a plank, then do the previous jumping workout. Do it continuously as fast as possible for around ten times. 


After having some heart-pumping workouts, you can do the other simple workouts such as squats. Make sure your back is in a straight position and do a seat position to your knee. Try to do this for around 20 times. 


To make lunges, you need to stand up straight. Then, move forward with one foot only (left leg) and create a 90-degree angle with your left leg. After that, push your right leg to make a standing position. Do this ten times for each leg. 

Those are some simple workouts you may do at Home. Before starting the exercises, do yourself some proper warm-ups. Hopefully, if you do this regularly, it can help keep your body fit before doing your daily activities. Also, you can add up other types of workouts and the frequency for each step.