Whether you care for someone elderly or you know someone who has health issues that prevent getting out of bed without assistance, a bed grab bar is an asset that can help. This is a bar that is placed over the bed. It looks similar to a trapeze bar. The bar is ideal for those who need a way to pull up off the bed in order to get up or to get changed. You can use the bar for assistance while dressing someone or while giving someone a bath as you would rely on the person using their strength to pull while you place your arm around the back.

The bar can be used by those who have recently had surgery and need to remain as mobile as possible but can’t get out of bed. Some of the bars can be attached to a lift in order to move the patient from the bed to a wheelchair or another seat. This is a piece of equipment that is ideal for those who have limited mobility in the legs as the arms will do much of the work when moving in the bed. Some of the people it can help are those who are paralyzed or those who have had a leg amputated.