It’s important to love the body you’re in. Taking good care of it and paying attention to its needs will give you a better chance of enjoying it for years to come. It’s the everyday habits that matter; healthy movement, nutrient-dense food, and a mindful approach to dealing with stress will help you cultivate a better physical experience. Ready for a body makeover? Here are a few ways to start. 

1. Upgrade Your Exercise Program

You might already have an exercise routine that fits you perfectly. If that’s the case, great! Simply add in a little more functional movement, and don’t forget to stretch; it’s one of the best things you can do to feel comfortable and agile. If your routine needs some tweaking, check with a licensed trainer to help get you on the right track. Need some special attention to certain areas? Do a search using terms such as plastic surgeon Raleigh NC to find a professional who can help you. 

2. Improve Your Nutrition

The better your eating habits, the better your body. Take stock of how you eat now. Does it work for you and your wellness goals? If not, make some changes that will move you in a positive direction. Focus on eating a variety of whole, nutritious foods, focusing on colorful vegetables, clean protein sources, and healthy fats. Add a few delicious fruits for even more beneficial phytochemicals. Keep your carb intake reasonable. All of these things will help your metabolism, satiety, and body composition. 

3. Decrease Your Stress

Define your stressors and either eliminate them or mitigate them as much as possible. Incorporate some kind of mindfulness or prayer practice. Your cortisol level will decrease, and you’ll tend to store less fat. 

Improving your body requires a multi-faceted approach. Try these steps to look and feel better.