Fast Home Remedies for Treating Acne Scars

One day, there is one person that talked to me, and mentioning something about his acne scars. He told me that, it is impossible to diminish the scar from his face. He said that it is easier to clean his face from the acne spots than to fix all the mess that is caused by his acne. Somehow, all of his words are just make sense. I know that it will be hard to fix acne scars, leaving all the shame on your face. However, we can still treat and heal our acne scars. You also not need to go to your dermatologist, and discuss about it. You can save your money, and just use any kind of useful stuff that you can find on your home. Let us discuss about acne scars home remedies that work fast!

Homemade Natural Masks

You can start from making your own facemasks using material that you can find on your home. Simply mix sandalwood and rose water to make a paste. Why we start with sandalwood? Sandalwood consists with some cooling material that will soothe your skin and stop them to create more inflammation. Just apply this great acne scars home remedies that work fast on your face, and leave it for around one hour until it is dry. After the paste is drying, just simply wash it using clean water and dry your face.

Cucumber power

It is nice to see your mother cook something delicious using cucumber. The good news is, you can also use cucumber paste to heal your acne scars! Simply mash some amount of cucumber, and apply it on your face for around fifteen minutes. When fifteen minutes has passed, wash your face thoroughly using lukewarm water to open the pores and let the dirt comes off your skin.