Menopause Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is loss of the softness and moist of its normal lining softness and , that may be associated with itching and burning sensation . Vaginal dryness can occur to any woman due to loss of natural vaginal lubrication but its commonly seen in menopause women , and it is a sign of atrophic vaginitis.

Women with Vaginal dryness usually experience vaginal itching associated with burning sensation ,that lead to uncomfortable or painful sexual course , also it may affect urinary system, as some women may complain of urinary urgency and frequency , that beside pressure and discomfort sensation.

Vaginal dryness results from , In normal female  body  the vaginal walls covered  with a thin layer of moisture. This moisture layer is made of a clear fluid excreted through the blood vessel walls around the vagina. When a woman is sexually aroused, these blood vessels receive more blood flow, stimulating the secretion of fluids, thus increasing vaginal lubrication , but with Lack of estrogen  lead to decrease of vaginal lining blood supply resulting in Vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy Vaginal dryness which may predispose to Vaginal infection and Uncomfortable sex. There are other causes of Vaginal dryness such as  Health disorders like in surgical removal of the ovaries , immune disorders , sjogern disease and vaginal infection , also as a result of life style disorder  which mainly seen in  smoking , excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption , stress and anxiety , finally some medication may also lead to Vaginal dryness mainly as side effects of antidepressant , antihistaminic and anti estrogenic drugs.

Vaginal dryness treatment , are same like of menopause treatment , but females can use Vaginal lubricant and in late cases some doctors prefer surgical options .