Dust Yourself Off: Benefits of Humidification Nozzles

Have you ever been at work or passed by an outside worksite that had a cloud of dust around it? It doesn’t feel good to walk through all that dust and you may be wondering what harm it could be doing to your lungs or other parts of the body. Some jobs don’t have the option of being dust-free, so you must instead look at ways you can limit the spreading of dust.

When completing work that may stir up dust, it’s important to keep it contained to as small of an area as possible. Putting barriers around the site will help others outside the area from being inundated, but it’s also important for workers to feel safe as well. Humidification nozzles can benefit not only the general public but also employees within a worksite.

Prevent Disease

Dust doesn’t only damage your respiratory system, but the cardiovascular one as well. When the dust particles are large they may irritate your eyes, nose, and mouth. Smaller particles can get further into your body and enter your bloodstream and lungs. It’s not just chemicals or man-made products that are a potential concern in the dust cloud, but also naturally occurring ones such as minerals or viruses. When you use humidification nozzles to suppress the dust, you are limiting the number of particles that can enter a person’s body and do damage.

Prevent Fugitive Dust

As dust gets stirred up, the particles can hover and travel far distances. When dust is agitated and suspended in the air, it can lower the air quality and cause fugitive dust. It is more beneficial to use a humidification nozzle to prevent fugitive dust from occurring in the first place, than potentially causing a dust cloud or dust storm to form.

As you can see, it can be very helpful to limit as much dust as you can through the use of humidification nozzles. Dust doesn’t have to be a major concern when the proper care is taken.

Obesity and Naturopathic Treatments

Your mind, body and soul all contribute to your well-being. Naturopathic medicine aims to aid in addressing all these aspects of a person. This medical treatment system uses nutrition, exercise, herbs, acupuncture and massage to assist your body in healing itself.

Modern naturopathic medicine is used to treat an array of health issues. One common issue treated today is obesity. About 36% of adults have an obesity problem. Unfortunately, obesity can cause a myriad of other medical problems. Because of this, it is critical to find obesity treatment. Find Burien WA naturopathic treatments to help.

As with all medical issues, a naturopath will do a workup to determine if there is an underlying issue causing obesity. Your doctor will look for the underlying issue and not just treat the symptom. However, there are several areas the naturopath will cover to assist you in gaining control of your weight.


Using herbs is a treatment method used by naturopaths. Ginger is commonly used to help with obesity. It is said to improve circulation and lower bad cholesterol. In addition, fennel can help you eliminate water and can reduce hunger. Typically fennel is consumed as tea. Cinnamon is another herb used. It can help burn fat and can lower bad cholesterol.

Emotional Health

Obese individuals tend to develop depression, but depressed individuals also have a high likelihood of becoming obese. Mental health plays a large part in our physical health. Naturopathy can help manage your mental health, which can then help with obesity.

Nutrition and Exercise

Food is treated like medicine in naturopathic medicine. The right foods for your body will be suggested and might include things like raw fruits and vegetables to retain the most nutrients. A protein-rich and low-carb diet might be suggested. Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle that is also used in naturopathic treatment. Moving your body will help with obesity but also many other illnesses.

These are just a few treatment options that a naturopathic doctor might use. Treating the whole person and not just a symptom is a great way to become and remain healthy.

Why Therapy Can Benefit Everyone

If you are like many people, the word “therapy” might make you a little uneasy. Some people think that therapy is only for “crazy people” while others see it as a sign of weakness or giving up. There is a lot of stigma attached to the idea of therapy. However, therapy is something that can benefit everyone, regardless of who they are or their emotional wellbeing. It offers several skills that can be applied to any person’s life.


Learning how to solve problems isn’t always what comes to mind when people ask what is therapy Somerville NJ. Problem-solving, however, is one of the core skills that is learned in therapy. A therapist will help you learn how to effectively manage the problems in your life through various problem-solving skills such as goal-setting, reframing, and identification.


Everyone communicates. Few people know how to communicate well. Therapy will give you the tools you need to become a better communicator through skills such as active listening, boundary-setting, and assertiveness. This can help in any area of life, from your relationships to your family to your job. Good communication skills are important for everyone.


The ability to self-reflect is important for anyone to be able to do. Everyone makes mistakes now and again. Therapy will teach you how to learn from those mistakes and improve your actions for a better outcome the next time around. Self-reflection offers the opportunity for people to grow as human beings into more well-rounded people.

You don’t have to be “crazy” to need a little guidance in your life, and that’s all that therapy really is. Sometimes everyone needs a neutral third party to look at a situation and help give them the tools they need to improve the situation as best they can from their end.

What Not To Say To An Addict

Addiction can be a difficult thing, both to experience firsthand and also to watch a loved one go through. It can be difficult to find the right words to say much of the time, and it is easy to say the wrong thing or accidentally offend them even when you’re trying your best to be supportive. The following phrases can often come across as judgemental, even if well-intended.

“Can’t You Just Quit?”

Put quite simply, no. Addicts cannot “just” quit. Addiction, which has more recently come to be understood as a disease, is a chemical dependency on a substance. It isn’t as simple as a craving, nor is it a sign of moral shortcomings. The chemistry in the brain of an addict is different than it is in others, making recovery extremely difficult, beyond the imagination of those who have not experienced addiction themselves.

“Just One?”

If your loved one is in recovery and has let you know that they will not be drinking or using or would prefer that you not drink or use in their company, the best thing to do is to respect that. For an addict, “just one” can go down a slippery slope from slightly buzzed to blackout drunk or even overdosing. Even just using in front of them can trigger their cravings and cause relapse. 

“You Need Help”

Chances are, your loved one is already aware that they need professional intervention. Telling them so is not going to enlighten them. If you are concerned about their health and think they may benefit from addictions counselling and therapy Vancouver BC, sit down with them to have an open, honest talk about what options they have.

If you are worried that a loved one may be struggling with addiction, ask your doctor or counsellor what you can do to help. The most important thing you can do for your loved one is to support them in their journey to recovery.